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February 25 11 / day 55

Hard To Kill

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It hasn’t escaped me over the last few years, since I started painting again*, just how much people rush about. How eager they are to get from ‘a’ to ‘c’, without passing ‘b’. It’s also quite alarming how unhappy most of society really is. People seem stuck. Stuck in jobs they don’t like or that make them sad because they fear the alternative or because they really believe they have no worth. Stuck with partners that they don’t appreciate and likewise don’t appreciate them, or worse, partners that abuse and disrespect them.

They’re sad so they look for things to fill the gaps, to give them that happy feeling (much like addicts). They look to the rich and the famous because it’s a life style that’s appealing. They read about them in the press, they see them on the TV and on the radio (when was the last time you heard a news broadcast (TV or radio) that didn’t have a mention of a so-called celebrity?) and they want to be them. Western society is obsessed with fame and fortune and there are a lot of people out there that will do anything (often to anyone) to be so.

I’m sure it’s nothing new, or profound, but society is screwed. So why am I boring you with with this shit? Mainly because I want to get it off my chest and because it’s the reason behind much of what I’m painting right now.

Hard To Kill - Julian Kimmings 2011

The Strange Folk

*Since I realised there was more to life than spending twelve hours a day going to, sitting in front of and then coming home from a desk job that made me very unhappy and ultimately, very ill.

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