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August 29 11 / day 240

Events Catch-up

Posted on by julian

I’m back from a much needed break with the family. Eight days in the sun to recharge the batteries and not go near a computer or canvas at pain of death. I didn’t realise just how much I needed some distance from the ‘real world’, so much so, that I almost questioned whether this (working all hours) is the real world, or just some massive nightmare.

Enough of that – the reason for this post is to fill you in on some recent events, all of which I didn’t have the time to promote much or keep up with.

  • “Urban In Ibiza” atĀ Atzaro Hotel, Ibiza – August 2011
  • “Shine” at Space Gallery, Folkstone – August 2011
  • “Inside Out – Vice Versa” at West Bank Gallery, London – August 2011
  • “Bank Job” at West Bank Gallery, London – July 2011

There’s some more exciting events on the radar – keep your eyes peeled.

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