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December 11 11 / day 344

All systems are go

Posted on by julian

So, it’s been another significant hiatus for me while I moved the studio and then rebuilt it within (almost) an arms reach of it’s previous resting place. I’m so happy now it’s completely rebuilt and I have, again, somewhere to be and create, albeit smaller and ‘cosy’, it feels great to be back on with the paint.
I still have to get some mains electricity out there and then update the lights – there are a few small drafts that also need some attention, but it’s habitable. I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a number of commissions, sketching and otherwise, generally taking it easy.
This next week I’ll start work on some more commissions, but more importantly, I’ll plan to start work on the new body of work which will hopefully act as s starting point for 2012 and the direction I hope to take. I’m very excited. Keep your eyes open before the New Year for a new website for my artwork too.

New Studio Space

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