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April 22 12 / day 112


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'Stare' - by julian kimmings 2012

'Stare' - by julian kimmings 2012

The finished oil piece.

“Stare” 2012 – 205x250mm Oil and spray paint on canvas board.

I think I’m starting a love-hate relationship with oil paint. It’s all new to me, and the adventure-come-discovery makes me giddy. I really enjoy the way I can play with the paint and move it around and the texture and viscosity is great to work with. It’s a totally different way of working than my favoured medium, acrylic, which is a much faster way of painting. I got into the habit of painting quickly, trying to get the moment of inspiration and thought onto the canvas as quickly as possible so that I don’t lose any of the meaning or the emotional connection.

Painting with oil, as many have told me, requires a great deal of patience and humility – which is something I could with a little more of.

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