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February 18 11 / day 48

A New Beginning

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If you’re new here, this won’t mean much. If you’re a regular visitor to my site and blog you’re probably wondering what is going on?

I have decided to make a fresh start, not only on the blog, but on my website as well. This blog has been running now (in various forms) since 2005/6 and although there’s a heck of a lot of content here, some of it isn’t relevant to what I’m doing or where I want to be. More importantly, it doesn’t show the direction of my work, or the process(es), thoughts and inspirations that I come across daily. Which could just be the reason I stopped posting here on a regular basis.

Anyway, to cut this ramble short, I’m starting afresh. I plan to share as much of my process, thoughts, self doubt and general inspirations as I can. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back.

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