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March 14 11 / day 72

Sometimes doing nothing is better than anything

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If you want to read inspirational quotes and feel good messages, twitter is the place to be. It seems there’s at least one person a day re-tweeting some drivel about how to be productive or creative or just how to ‘have the right attitude to win’. It’s got some merit, I’ll grant you, but for the most part its random BS.

One of the many quotes that does the rounds goes along the lines of ‘action is better than inaction’. I happen to disagree, quite often I’ll go a week or so without doing anything and I’ll start to panic, thinking that I must draw or paint soon before I lose my mojo. I think forcing ‘it’ makes ‘it’ look and feel forced. A break is often better, at least for me.

A rather blurry pic

A rather blurry pic

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