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October 5 17 / day 277

The pattern

There’s a pattern emerging here. Can you see it? I can. Falling, falling deeply. Falling in and not minding the cold. Breath it in, and back out. Letting it go. Falling in with my practice very easily. Then falling right … Continue reading

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April 16 16 / day 106

New Studio Space

It’s already April, I was going to spout some crap about “New Year, new studio” but it’s a bit late for that. The new space is (if at all possible) smaller than my old studio, but in every other way … Continue reading

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October 23 15 / day 295


It’s been some time since I even gave drawing any thought. I’ve been in the process of moving studio since the Pretty Portal Show and as such my art has been homeless and fleeting. A firm believer in the old … Continue reading

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January 25 15 / day 24


It shouldn’t be surprising that it takes a while to get back in the game after a break from the studio. It’s still disheartening when things don’t go right. I don’t know if it’s the subject matter, technique or something … Continue reading

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December 21 14 / day 354


OK – so i’d like to confess something which may offend you… I like other peoples art. I know… it’s shocking, but it’s true. As an artist, I don’t believe that anyone has ‘rights’ over a style (‘technique’)… I believe … Continue reading

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