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October 23 15 / day 295


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It’s been some time since I even gave drawing any thought. I’ve been in the process of moving studio since the Pretty Portal Show and as such my art has been homeless and fleeting. A firm believer in the old adage “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, if I don’t paint/draw (do art stuff) I start to believe that maybe I’m not really any good at it (this isn’t a cry for help or sympathy), and with anything that you put off, the longer you leave it, the more excuses you can find for not doing said act. I’m full of good excuses, and bad reasons.

The sketchbook sessions are back, this first session is a study of a Kent Williams painting. I make no secret of my love for this man’s work. He has such a stylised way of figurative representation that makes his work very distinctive.

study of Kent Williams Art

julian kimmings sketchbook

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