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January 15 13 / day 14

Untitled Portrait

Posted on by julian

I put the finishing touches to this tonight and started a new piece for the show in Munich in February.

Although this photo (from my mobile phone) is a bit blurred, I’m pleased with how she came out. As I’ve said before, I didn’t set out with an agenda or theme for this piece, it was just a exercise in testing my limits, which I don’t think I found, if I’m honest.

It’s been a real pleasure and I’m pretty sure there are bits that I could improve upon, but this wasn’t meant to be an intense or meaningful portrait, just a study as I tend to stay clear of figurative work for some reason and I have a real hard time with vast expanses of colour.

Can you tell I’ve been looking at Schierenberg recently?

Untitled Portrait - Julian Kimmings 2013

Untitled Portrait – Julian Kimmings 2013

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